Hello! My name is Red Gypsy , I'm a Artist and Tarot Reader from Escondido , California. My story ... starts off with a lot of heartbreak its one of the things that inspired many of my art pieces. It also taught me about myself and about healing through creativity and the universe. 

We all have stories but what we don't realize is the power those stories hold, that in our pain there are others who may benefit to hear our stories, that maybe we aren't so alone in what we go through. 

I started tattooing myself when I was 13 years old i was obsessed with ink master. Ink splats of vibrant blues and reds filled my carpet. I'd sit and imagine when I'm grown up all the tattoos I'd have. I'd draw all the time in school, my backpack filled with markers and my sketch book. The Thing about art there are no rules its a world of freedom that whatever is in your mind can translate into a illustration. I used to bottle up my feelings a lot, I always felt isolated in the way that i would think . Art was my outlet to just simply be me. 

Growing up spirituality seemed to follow me and I had deep roots within my gypsy lineage within my Slavic ancestors. I'd carry my tarot cards wherever i went , but it wasn't until i became comfortable with sharing my story and the things that i've learned did I begin to help others in their journeys as well. That there is no such thing of coincidences only cooperative incidences as Abraham Hicks would say. I spent time in New Orleans being a fortune teller at the house of india a few miles away front the French quarter . The history of voodoo and the mystical energy filled my soul it was a muse but I loved helping travelevers from all around the world on there journey .